What is allhotellist.com?
allhotellist.com is online lodgings and hotel list that provides detailed information about thousands accommodation properties all around the world. The full information is provided by the hotels or accommodation owners/ responsible from first hand. You can find any kind of accommodation options by easily selecting the destination or typing the hotel name. You will find direct contact details of each listed hotels, motels, resorts, hostels, self-catering accommodations and create your own communication with the establishment without any extra cost or reservation fee.

Why allhotellist.com ?
There are dozens of different kind of lodging options all around the world. Our user friendy system allows you to find the destination or the accommodation property itself by searchin easily or clicking on the map.
Totally free and corrrect contacts and information provided directly by the hotel owners/responsibles.

How can I find the contacts of the hotels?

All the contact information including telephone numbers, fax numbers, websites, emails and more is provided on each property pages. You can search the hotel name or find by the destinations.

Possible to make direct reservation via allhotellist.com?
Allhotellist.com only provides contact details for the accommodation properties. We totally make NO reservation via our website. Also we do not accept any critics or comments about a reservation you made.

How do I search by city/town/village name?
You can either type destination or hotel name on the top of the page or select the destination from the interactive map on our homepage.

Who supplies the information about the accommodation properties? Are there totally correct?
The information about the hotels or other lodgings listed on allhotellist.com is provided by the owners or responsibles who registered them. They edited their pages on allhotellist.com. In case of any question marks about the hotels features you should always confirm the information with the hotels direct webpages which we are providing.

Who is responsible for the accuracy of the information about each property?
The person who has registered the property and submitted the information is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information about an accommodation property. allhotellist.com is strickly not responsible for verifying this information and shall not be held responsible for any inaccuracies.

Can I list my hotel or accommodation property on allhotellist.com
All owners/managers/representatives of hotels, motels, resorts, self-catering accommodations, bed and breakfasts, guest houses, and hostels can register their property on allhotellist.com.

How can I register my accommodation property?
Please visit the registration page http://www.allhotellist.com/register.php enter your email and determine your password then submit your hotel information. The information will come to the admin to be approved. After the control of the information, the page will be approved and will be listed on allhotellist.com .

What kind of information do you provide about lodgings.?
Each lodgings listed on allhotellist.com will be presented with its official name and category; specific address; telephone and/or fax number ,official website, and emails and more contact details such as facebook, msn, twitter etc. allhotellist.com visitors can contact with lodgings directly. Moreover features, services and facilities of the lodgings and descriptions also presented. It is always recommended to check the information about the provided services with the lodgings directly via official websites or communicate directly. Allhotellist.com is strictly not responsible about any conflick between the lodgings and clients.

Can I list my lodgings in more than one category?
Each lodgings can be listed in only one category according to the hotel official starring or type of accommodation.

How can I make changes to the details of my property?
When you register your lodging we want you to submit an email address and a password. Whenever you wish to edit or update the information you can visit allhotellist.com and click log in http://www.allhotellist.com/login.php to edit the information.

How can I remove my accommodation property from your site?
When you register your lodging we want you to submit an email address and a password. Whenever you wish to delete your property you can visit allhotellist.com and click log in http://www.allhotellist.com/login.php end of your property information you can see delete my property buton. Click the buton and update the page.

How can i report if someone else register my property with the wrong information?

In case of any situation like this. You can report the page by email us from info@allhotellist.com with the hotels official email adrress. The registered property will be erased immediately. Allhotellist.com is not responsible any fake registered properties.